Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I pay for my transfer?
  • The fare is paid after the journey in euros.


  • Are the prices per per individual or per vehicle?
  • The prices that you are quoted will always be per vehicle.


  • Some transfers, such as coaches are shared with others not in the same party, will I have to share the car or minibus transfer?
  • Wether you need a 20 seat minibus or a 4 passenger taxi, this will be yours exclusively. We only provide private transfers organized with you at the time of  your booking.


  • I need a transfer within 24 hours time, can I book it online now?
  • Please first check with us directly first via email on : email  bookings @ palmaairporttransfers.net


  • Are all fares fully inclusive or will I be asked for extra money by my driver?
  • Fares are fully inclusive and include tax. You will not pay more than the price shown on our website.


  • Are booster seats or baby seats provided? 
  • You can be provided and can be ordered at the time of your booking.


  • My flight is delayed, what should I do?
  • Don’t worry if your flight is only slightly delayed, your driver will be monitoring your flight and will be there waiting for you as agreed. However, if your flight is delayed for more than one hour and your driver has another scheduled transfer, you may have to wait a short time during the busiest periods. In the meantime he will do his best to provide another driver for you.